Class IntlPhoneNumberField


public class IntlPhoneNumberField
extends TextField

IntlPhoneNumberField is a field for editing an international phone number that is less than 26 characters long. This field doesn't impose a particular format as various formats are used internationally. For example, this field can accept values in the form: "+XX (XXX) XXXX-XXXX xXXXXX"

FORMfields v2.0

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Constructor Summary

IntlPhoneNumberField(string name, string label, int required)

Creates a new IntlPhoneNumberField.

__construct(string name, string label, int required)

Creates a new IntlPhoneNumberField.

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Constructor Detail


public IntlPhoneNumberField(string name, string label, int required)

Creates a new IntlPhoneNumberField.

name - the name of the form field. This value must not be a SQL reserved word and should follow all the standard variable naming conventions in PHP.
label - this form field's label. The label is the printable text that is typically displayed on the left side of the field.
required - Sets whether the field must be filled in and whether it looks like it must be filled in: FORM_FIELD_REQUIRED, FORM_FIELD_NOT_REQUIRED, FORM_FIELD_LOOKS_REQUIRED or FORM_FIELD_REQUIRED_NO_LOOK
See Also:
FORMfields v1.0
deprecated as this constructor syntax is not expected in PHP 5 - will be removed once PHP 5 becomes a minimum requirement for FORMfields